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Renting a super stretch hummer limousine


When partying as a group one of the major concerns is usually transportation.  To ease this concern a group of party goers should consider renting a party limousine. Super stretch hummer limousines are an ideal way to arrive at a destination together.  The hummer limousines carry up to 25 passengers. H2 hummers are equipped with between three and six liquid crystal TV screens, a DVD player and fitted with customized club lights. Additionally a stretch hummer gets the group into party mode since it is equipped with an unbelievable sound system, dance floor, fiber optic lights for mood setting and a mini bar.   The super stretch hummer limousines resemble a VIP dinner reception and come with tinted windows to ensure privacy.

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For those who have used a stretch hummer before, the super stretch hummer limousines come as a new experience in the world of hummer limos. They are twice the length of H2 hummer limos and therefore command far more attention than any hummer car. To rent the super stretch hummer limousines one can fill out a free online quote, visit the limo rental company or call the company for a quote. 


When renting the super stretch hummer limousines one has to consider the following; how large the group will be as this stretch limousine is only able to accommodate 25 passengers comfortably.  Additionally, one should consider the length of time the group will need the stretch hummer.  Most rental companies charge about $300 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours.  Furthermore, it is important to ensure that one reads the terms and conditions attached to renting the stretch hummer to avoid penalties later.  Super stretch hummer limousines also come complete with a chauffeur at the groupís service. For those anticipating a wild night out, the fact that a designated driver is provided is welcome.  This provides a sense of safety as they go on their night out as it eliminates the possibility of drinking and driving. 


It is good practice for the person responsible for renting the hummer limousine to confirm that the stretch hummer has insurance cover and that there are back up services in the event of a mishap.  Some of the mishaps that can occur include an accident or stalling.  Knowing that back up services are readily available is a great comfort.  One should also be sure to ask about the time lines of the rescue service. Ideally, another super stretch hummer limousine should be sent to replace the one that brakes down.


On special days cost should not be a prohibitive factor as cheap may prove expensive in the end.  One may opt for a cheap limo instead of a more expensive stretch hummer but it may end up providing poor service and prove disappointing. Cheap prices do not necessarily mean a bargain and the savings may end up being deducted through other hidden charges. Before renting a stretch hummer, the person should inquire of any additional charges that may apply and inquire about gratuity payments.



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