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Limousine Services for Stags or Stagettes


Stags are thought to have originated from Sparta Greece in 5th century BC, through traditional bachelor dinners during which soldiers toasted each other before a friend’s wedding.  Stagettes borrowed the idea from stags. They are not bridal showers as they are sometimes perceived. Bridal showers are parties for giving gifts to the bride before the wedding and are usually organized by bridesmaids, who normally invite people to give gifts for the bride and groom’s home. 

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The term stag is usually used to refer to a male who is about to get married particularly during any one or several night outs before the marriage ceremony. The term is also used to refer to a men’s night out or guys’ night out. A stag is also referred to as a ‘stag party’, ‘stag do’ or ‘stag night’ in Canada, UK, New Zealand and Ireland, a ‘bachelor party’ in the United States, a ‘bull's party’ in South Africa and a ‘buck's party’ or ‘buck’s night’ in Australia among a host of other names. In Canada, stags are very popular especially in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal due to a host of services including exotic limousines and lap-dancing strip clubs. All the activities performed in stag parties are usually at the future expense of the groom, and the participants are usually guys who spent childhood and adolescent days with the groom. A stag is supposedly a passage right from bachelorhood to a responsible married life.

A staggete or a doe on the other hand is the female version of the stag, thus is basically a girl’s night out before her wedding. It is also referred to as a ‘bachelorette party’ in the United States, a ‘hen’s night’ or ‘hen party’ in Ireland, Australia and UK, or ‘kitchen tea’ in South Africa.  Stagette is the term used in Canada. Bachelorette parties involve hiring bachelorette party limousines to local bars, strip clubs and activities like comparing possessions and playing ‘adult games’ that are not permissible later in marriage. This is why it is often called the stagette’s last night of freedom. The games played include ‘say’, ‘Pass the Balloon’, and ‘Truth or Dare’.


Various companies are cashing in on bachelor and bachelorette parties. Limousine companies are now offering limo luxury services in exotic limos for girl’s and guys night outs, plus chauffeur services to go with. They are also making great sales of decorations, clothing, games and adult toys. In most of the parties the girls wear matching tops which are occasionally manually decorated, for instance white shirts with magic-marker inscribed comments. Stags and stagettes are very much alike except for specific feminine and masculine tastes. Girls will prefer gossiping and comparing clothes while boys will be more comfortable drinking, gambling and driving a hired stretch limo around.


Sometimes the two are combined to produce a ‘stag and doe party’. It is advisable in this case to hire a stretch limo with chauffeur services to fit in everybody, and also ensure safety to and from the venue. Please don’t invite the chauffeur into the party.



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