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Spruce a night out with a limousine

Imagine it is a beautiful summer night, you are ready to hit the town, you have worked hard all week and feel that you have earned it, so you feel the need to want to splurge on yourself. You have made all the phone calls you could have to plans to round up all your boys to go out. You all decide to go to a local watering hole that just opened up downtown, and want to make the night memorable.

What do you think is the best thing to do? You want to ask the final pieces to the night and don’t know quite what it is? Well we have the answers for you, what about thinking about renting a limousine for your night out. It is a great way to enhance a night that all of you are looking forward to. The night will include all of your friends, girl friends, cousins, brothers, sisters and acquaintances. You have brought so many people together so why not bring them together in a stretched limo. While most of the people who will be going out will be looking for cabs or car pooling and having to park downtown, the option of a limo allows all the guests to. If you were to reserve a limo bus, for example, you are able to hold upto 26 guests!

Now, imagine for a second that you were to pool all the money together that all the friends would spend if they were to pay on cabs, parking and pooling for gas, you would potentially calculate an amount which is more than even the most luxurious limousine for all your friends. Another point to consider is, by having the opportunity to group together all of your friends, is a much more attractive proposition to your friends then saying – “let’s just meet there!”

Yes, a limousine might be a reach even for a simple Friday night out on the town with your friends, close and far; however, if the night is to be appreciated in the company of all those you hold dear socially, then a limo offers everything you need to make it enjoyable. A limousine helps bring all the people planning to go out together and in doing that the night will become better, it has to, not only because all of your friends are closer, but all of your peers are all riding in luxury in a back of a stretched limo for your enjoyment pleasures!


Our vehicle offerings range from 4 passenger Mercedes and Bentlys, to Lincoln Town Car luxury sedans, to stretch limousines and stretch SUV’s. All are late-model automobiles. We take particular pride in choosing packages, drivers and vehicles that are meticulously maintained by their owners, with plush, impeccably clean interiors, mechanically maintained to ensure they operate safely and reliably.


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