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Choosing the perfect Wedding Limousine

The day is almost upon you, the countdown has begun and your wedding day has finally arrived. You have to get all things in order, make sure the photographer/videographers is on their way, make sure the banquet hall is all set, and lastly make sure that the limousines are all ready to go for your wedding celebration. Wedding limousines for your Toronto wedding have become a staple in the fabric of wedding “have-to have’s”. They are essentially a luxury item that simply transports important members of the wedding party from venue to venue. The venues include churches, mosques and synagogues to represent the religious component of the wedding itinerary. However, you have to understand that not all limousines, and more importantly, limousine companies are the same. With competition so fierce, it is important that you understand that you have to have a checklist of what to look for when deciding on choosing the perfect wedding limousine for that once in a lifetime event. Some of the points include:

1) How up to date are they in terms of the model of vehicles they have? It is important to see if a limo company has a fleet that is supporting the latest fleet of vehicles.

2) How much experience do the drivers of the limousines possess? In some cases, limousine companies will get young more affordable drivers to represent their vehicles and are responsible to drive around so make sure you find a company that will employee drivers that are experienced and represent what it is you want

3) Make sure that the image a limo and driver portray are up to your standards? A wedding is a lot about elegance, so the same principals should apply when you hire a limo company, make sure there are up to speed with what you want to enhance as your look for your Toronto wedding.

A wedding in Toronto is the summertime is a beautiful thing, with all its parks, scenery, banquet hall facilities; it is a great opportunity to make that ultimate wedding. However, a Toronto wedding comes with a lot of competition, a lot of limousine competition and of course a lot of wedding limousine competition. So in the end, the deciding factor when choosing a limousine company for your wedding should be one that has a great selection of vehicles, up to date with the latest and greatest fleet, and a company that represents you with an image you can be proud of with drivers that are experienced and well groomed. But at the end of the day, it is all about how you feel, so follow your heart and make a right decision, enjoy your day!


Our vehicle offerings range from 4 passenger Mercedes and Bentlys, to Lincoln Town Car luxury sedans, to stretch limousines and stretch SUV’s. All are late-model automobiles. We take particular pride in choosing packages, drivers and vehicles that are meticulously maintained by their owners, with plush, impeccably clean interiors, mechanically maintained to ensure they operate safely and reliably.


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