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Toronto Limousine Service offers luxurious and stress free transportation to and from the airport through out the Toronto area. Whether it is just for you, or for corporate clients, we have the best fleet to get you to Lester B. Pearson, Buttonville or Toronto Island Airport safely, or pick you up and take you to the destination you desire.

Our Lincoln Town Car limos are perfect for two or less passengers. Toronto Limousine offers all 2009 models for the best experience. The spacious interior lets you relax and unwind in style including your luggage. A stocked bar is included for your enjoyment. The windows are tinted for added privacy, however you can see right out. There is no need to worry about time, traffic or directions.

Information about Airport Limousines

As one of the 18 million visitors that pass through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport every year, you may find yourself in the tricky position of having a long layover in the city. Toronto’s three airports handle approximately 10 million passengers from over 50 countries every year, and a significant number of them only land in the city as a stopover to or from other continents.

Renting a Toronto airport limousine is a great way to avoid common layover challenges and make the most of your time in the city of Toronto.

Toronto layovers can range from a few hours to an entire day. Such passengers face a number of problems in planning a trip to the city. Getting around the city and returning to the airport on time is the biggest concern. Passengers stopping at Toronto also want to visit the best attractions and maximize their time in the city. For long layovers, luggage can also present problems. A reputable Toronto airport limousine company can help in several ways:

Toronto Limousine Service can help you avoid traffic, subway crowds and parking stress. The CAA in Toronto advises visitors to entrust driving to residents and experienced city drivers. In a city with six rush hours every day, an overburdened public transport system and an intricate and confusing land layout, Toronto airport limousines can be a life saver for passengers who only have a few precious hours to spend in the city.

While the streets are overcrowded and difficult to distinguish for visitors, the public transport system is notorious for having the longest mean travel time for commuters. Visitors may also be surprised at the number of pedestrians and the prevalence of jaywalking in the Greater Toronto Area. An experienced Toronto airport limousine driver not only knows how to deal with traffic but also knows the city like the back of his hand, and will be able to map the shortest way for you to get to your destination.

Travelling with an Airport Limousine around the city

We can help you plan a customized trip. The trickiest part of a layover lies in planning a trip that is both appealing and feasible, and this is especially true in Toronto, since there are so many events and attractions to choose. Based on your interests and the length of your layover, a Toronto airport limousine company can help you plan a museum trip to famous museums in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. If you want to shop in the city of Toronto, your airport limousine in Toronto can escort you to any location within the city of Toronto that you choose to visit while you are touring the city.

We can also direct you to the best restaurants and plan your trip while keeping in mind the usual patterns of traffic and crowds in Toronto’s biggest attractions such as CN Tower and the Eaton’s Center.

Travel in style with a Toronto airport limousine. Toronto is the stuff of legend, and it is both natural and common for visitors to want a memorable and quintessentially ‘Toronto’ experience. This is especially difficult for layover passengers since they only have a few short hours to spend in the city.

Toronto Limousine Service offer the ultimate in luxury, convenience and trendsetting features, allowing even layover visitors to take a bite out of the city of Toronto and experience the style and state-of-the-art luxury that drives Toronto’s 27 million annual visitors to spend almost $28 billion dollars here every year.

Your airport limousine driver can help to orient you to the city quickly. This is especially true for first time and foreign visitors, but all visitors to Toronto need some time and support to understand, navigate and negotiate with the complexity and multicultural density of the city. A Toronto airport limousine driver can be your guide not only to the best attractions in the city but also its cultural and linguistic landscape. Booking a limousine from an established rental service in advance will ensure that you don't spend your valuable layover time in Toronto haggling with cab drivers or asking for advice from impatient natives at every step of the way.

Be prepared for contingencies and return on time! Layover passengers can rarely afford the mishaps, breakdowns and traffic jams that are likely to happen in this fast paced and dazzling city. However, contingencies can occur and the best way to be forearmed is to rent am airport limousine from a reputable Toronto airport limousine company. Such airport limousine companies provide excellent support for all their clients and ensure timely and safe arrival at the airport with their limousines.

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